About SBS

SBS Corporation is a United States based company in Sarasota, Florida, that has been providing the world with engineered products for fluid cooling, heating, filtering and controlling since 1974.

SBS Corporation has designed and manufactured thousands of heat treat, industrial, petrochemical  and other related industrial cooling, filtering, and controlling systems. Whether the objective is to eliminate water usage with a dry cooler or increase system efficiencies with process filtration or simply to improve a liquid process control we stand ready with the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities required for a superior cooling, heating, monitoring and controlling experience. Liquid process improvement is our only business.

Products Include

  • Quench Air – Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for oil and fluid cooling
  • End-O-Therm – Atmosphere Generator Coolers for gas cooling
  • WaterSaver – Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for water cooling
  • Smart Filter – Quench oil and other fluid filtration system
  • Sludgebuster – Filtration system for large volume solids removal
  • Tower Scour – Filtration well suited for cooling tower water filtration
  • Aqua-Sense – Moisture monitoring system for detecting water contamination
  • Temp-Controller – Control panels for controlling all the above equipment
  • Cyclone Circulator – Circulating Pumps for fluids up to 550°F

SBS Corporation has become the international leader in Process Control Solutions.