Warranty Policy

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulty!  SBS CORPORATION values your business and will gladly work with you to supply you with the product you need, in good working order.  Our goal is to get you back in service as quickly as possible.

Should you receive a component that is defective, SBS will replace it free of charge within 1 calendar year of original ship date, based upon the following industry standard guidelines and procedures:

  1. Customer must contact SBS immediately to initiate the Warranty Claim process.
  2. SBS will provide customer with RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and RMA
  3. Customer must supply SBS a new Purchase Order for cost and shipping charges for identical component. Include RMA # for reference.
  4. SBS will ship an identical replacement component to Customer.
  5. Customer must return the defective component within 7 calendar days to SBS. Customer to include RMA paperwork with shipment. Customer pays freight for return of component for warranty consideration.
  6. SBS will immediately evaluate defective component, and/or forward it to appropriate manufacturer for inspection/diagnosis if appropriate.
  7. If component meets Warranty criteria, SBS will issue full credit to Customer for cost of replacement component as well as shipping cost of replacement.
  8. In brief:
    • Contact SBS/Get RMA
    • Provide complete PO
    • Receive delivery of replacement
    • Return defective component
    • Receive Warranty refund, including shipping cost of replacement

Should you receive a component that is different from the description contained in your Purchase Order, SBS will replace it free of charge assuming we receive notice within 30 calendar days of original ship date, and also based upon the guidelines and procedures stated above.   In this instance, all shipping charges will be paid fully by SBS.

Please inspect your freight at time of receipt!  Should you receive a component that has been damaged in shipping, SBS strongly suggests that Customer tag it as “Damaged as Received” in the presence of delivery driver, and that you notify the shipping company immediately.  Customer must file a claim with shipping company for reimbursement, as SBS bears no responsibility for the cost of components damaged in shipping.   SBS will assist in that process whenever possible.

If timing is not an urgent matter, we have another option for warranty replacements that you might prefer.  Please contact us at (941) 363-6349, Ext. 14.

We thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patience.   SBS is committed to providing quality products and services and will do all that we can to arrive at a fair resolution on those unfortunate occasions when something goes wrong.

SBS CORPORATION                                Sarasota, FL                                                Rochester, MI

*Original shipping and delivery charges are not refundable