Data Center Cooling & Solutions

We at SBS Corporation are proud to be recognized as a premier global resource for heat exchanger systems and accessories for clients in the industrial sector. Since 1974, our commitment to providing our clients with the highest-performing products has not changed. Our engineers are constantly working to find new ways to respond to industry demands, even if that means retooling systems that are already the top-performing solutions on the market. Not only do we design, manufacture, and supply heat exchanger systems, but we also regularly customize designs so that they can accommodate the unique needs of our clients’ facilities.

As we enter the data economy, more and more fundamental aspects of our lives rely upon data centers. Scaling data centers to meet the needs of our increasingly integrated world will require radical shifts in how we think about water use, energy use, and cooling.

Our capabilities extend to a wide variety of solutions, including dielectric fluid heat exchangers, filtration systems, remote monitoring systems, and more. We also supply spare parts, plugs, and motors so your system can always perform at top capacity. For additional information about our products and custom design capabilities, please get in touch with a team member at (800) 662-8776.