Endothermic Gas Coolers

SBS End-O-Therm

SBS Corporation’s development of an air-cooled endothermic generator cooler continues a tradition of finding simple, practical solutions to troublesome process problems.  End-O-Therm gas coolers eliminate the need for water and the subsequent pipes, valves and pumps by employing an electric motor-driven propeller fan to blow air over finned tubes.  The generated atmosphere, which causes turbulence through the inside of the finned tubes, easily gives off its heat and is cooled to below 200°F (93°C) quickly to assure clean, cool operation.

End-O-Therm is a strong, durable gas cooler designed specifically for continuous cooling of hot atmospheres.  Compare End-O-Therm’s many unique design features to your existing gas cooler and we are sure you’ll agree that the End-O-Therm has the features you want in your next gas cooler.


SBS Staight Shot Tubing

Straight Shot Tubing

Straight through tubes with no u-bends means that you can clean out the entire tube length and see light at the other end of the tube for complete heat exchanger cleaning.

Saves time, money


Eliminates Water

Water is an excellent heat transfer medium when cooling liquids to temperatures unattainable by air-cooled systems.  However, hot gas systems are, by nature, of extreme temperatures and not a good application for water-cooled systems.  Thermal shock, liming and plating-out in the heat exchangers are serious consequences. The dangers of the cooling water flashing to steam along with the spiraling costs of water make an air-cooled system the logical choice.

Simplifies Piping

End-O-Therm uses air instead of water as a cooling medium.  The only piping required is a short run from the generator to the cooler and another short run to the furnace.  All the water pipes, valves and subsequent water-cooling systems are eliminated.  Gas piping is simplified by mounting the End-O-Therm directly on the side of the generator with the cooler inlet at the same level as the retort outlet.

Saves Money

Water and sewage costs have been on an upward spiral throughout the last two decades, with no relief in sight.  Virtually all areas of the U.S. can expect even larger increases in the future with sewer charges outracing water costs.  By eliminating the use of water, an End-O-Therm atmosphere generator cooler can pay for itself in a matter of months.