Industrial Liquid Filtration System

SBS Smart Filter

An SBS Smart Filter is a self-contained liquid filtration system incorporating a dedicated pump, filter housing and controls, all mounted on a pre-piped, pre-wired skid. A Smart Filter is “smart” where it can not only remove debris as small as 1 micron, but can also:

  • Detect water contamination in quench oil and hydraulic oil
  • Detect and remove acidity in oils


The Smart Filter alerts the operator when the filter media needs to be removed. SBS has designs capable of pumping and filtering oils up to 650°F. Clean Oil is vital for a statistically correct and fully functional quenching system. The SBS Smart Filter Liquid Filtration System offers a cost effective, efficient method of continuously filtering carbon and scale from your quench tank. Cleaner oil translates to cleaner parts, more consistent product and longer quench oil life.

The Smart Filter System comes complete with an all-iron circulating pump, control panel, a pressure gauge for continuous pressure readings and a Bag Monitor that initiates both light and sound alarms, alerting workers when filter bags need to be changed. An optional Bag Crane is available to help in filter changing.

It’s simple to add the Smart Filter to your existing system – it will arrive at your plant skid-mounted, pre-wired and ready for installation.


SBS Smart Filter Bag Crane

Bag Crane

A full filter bag can be upwards of 80 lbs. (~36 kgs). The bag crane winch allows for easy removal of the heavy filter bag.

Saves time, money, mess


SBS Smart Filter Simplex

Simplex Filter

A simplex filter is normally installed on tanks under 2,500 gallons where interruptible service is acceptable and dirt loadings consist primarily of soot, carbon and small amounts of scale.

SBS Smart Filter Duplex

Duplex Filter

Duplex filters can be utilized where uninterrupted, continuous flow is desired.  One filter vessel can continue to filter while the second housing is serviced.  Duplex filters are also used for interruptible service of up to 5,000 gallons.

SBS Smart Filter Triplex

Triplex Filter

Triplex filters can be utilized for up to 5,000 gallon tanks when uninterrupted flow is desired.  Two vessels can filter while the third is being serviced.  Triplex filters are also used for interruptible service of up to 7,500 gallons.

Quadplex Smart Filter with HMI

Quadplex Filter

Quadplex filters can be utilized for up to 10,000 gallon tanks when uninterrupted flow is desired.


Smart Filter PSID

The Smart Filter bag life indicator gives the operator a quick visual check of remaining bag life to allow filter changes as a scheduled maintenance procedure.  Along with this indicator, when the bag is full, an audible horn and light are activated on the control panel, and the pump is de-energized to keep it from running in a “dry” condition.

Smart Filter Panel

The Smart Filter Control Panel provides the operator with easy on/off control for the circulating pump as well as visual and audible (horn) indication that bag filter needs to be replaced.  Electrical components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure to protect circuitry from dust, dirt and liquid splashing.

3-Lug Closure

The Smart filter canister uses 3 lugs for simple access and closure.  A screwdriver is the only tool required to change a bag filter.

0-Ring Seal

All Smart Filter bag canisters are sealed with Viton O-rings placed in a machined grove to prevent over torque.  O-rings made of EPDM will turn to mush in oil applications and Buna N seals have limited temperature capabilities.  SBS always uses Viton for all elastomeric applications.

Filter Bags

Smart Filter Disposable Filter Bags are available in a number of different materials depending on chemical and temperature requirements.  Many pore sizes are available:  1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 microns, depending on the make-up of the particulate.  Generally a 25-micron bag is suitable to remove carbon, soot and debris commonly found in quench oil.