Evaporative Cooling

SBS Cloud Cooler

The Cloud Cooler Pumping Station is a design that simplifies a long-proven European technology. By compressing a tiny flow of water at 700 PSI (48 bar) and releasing it through atomizing nozzles, a cloud forms on the air inlet of your cooling equipment which can cool incoming air by as much as 25°F (14°C) …cooler air means cooler liquid exiting your heat exchanger.

In new applications, you can achieve temperatures not attainable with ordinary air cooled heat exchangers and eliminate the complexity, cost and maintenance of a cooling tower.

Typically, a heat exchanger is designed to cool a system based on the region’s hottest day of the year. If you have a Cloud Cooler, the cooling mist can be used during those hotter days to simulate lower temperatures. In doing so, we can remove the hottest days of the year from our equations and supply a heat exchanger designed for lower ambient temperatures. Lower temperatures means less cooling required, resulting in a smaller and less expensive heat exchanger.

It should be noted, however, the Cloud Cooler may not be suitable for all climates. An area that has high humidity will not experience the same cooling effects with that of an area that has low humidity.