Closed Loop Water Cooling Package

SBS WaterSaver System

An SBS Quench Air® WaterSaver is a “dry cooler” heat exchanger which uses ambient air instead of cooling tower water to cool liquids that have been heated in industrial processes.  A Quench Air Cooler completely eliminates the use of evaporative or once-through cooling water, so it helps reduce your costs while benefiting the environment.  Fluids most often cooled are water and ethylene/propylene glycol solutions.

The SBS Quench Air functions much like a car radiator.  The liquids from heated processes flow through the heat exchanger’s copper finned tubes.  The Quench Air’s electric, motor-driven propeller fans blow cooling air over the tubes, and the heat from the liquid is exchanged into the air.  The WaterSaver is generally used where cooling water outlet temperatures can be 10°F/5°C above ambient air temperatures (i.e. fluid inlet is 120°F, fluid outlet is 100°F, and ambient air is 90°F)

SBS also offers the WaterSaver with a pump, expansion tank, piping, and controls for a pre-piped, pre-plumbed solution for closed loop water cooling.  This is SBS’ WaterSaver System.


5/8″ Copper Tubes with U-Tube Ends and Aluminum Fins

Highly efficient copper tubes with aluminum plate fins dissipate heat from the fluid rapidly.  Fluid must be clean, as the U-tubes prevent mechanical cleaning.

Quiet, Efficient Propeller Fans

Using minimal horsepower, propeller fans deliver the optimal quantity of air with quiet operation.  The direct drive fans eliminate sheave and belt maintenance.

Fin Guard

Mounted on top of the heat exchanger, the fin guard protects the delicate finned tubes from weather or operator damage.  The fin guards are bright zinc plated and sealed with di-chromate.

Optional NEMA 3R Disconnect Switch

Wired using SEAL TITE conduit and fittings, the switch gives a positive electrical power lockout.  The weather-tight disconnect switch helps assure compliance with OSHA electrical lockout standards.