Quench Detective

SBS Quench Detective

Have Peace of Mind with the Quench Detective

Handheld, Battery Powered Moisture Monitoring

A handheld, battery powered Quench Detective Moisture Monitor gives an early warning signal that water is migrating to a quench tank or that the tank is unsafe to quench. This early warning, while water is still in a dissolved state, allows detection well ahead of what could become a very dangerous malfunction. Peace of mind at your fingertips. Every heat treat in the world should have a Quench Detective. Simply walk up to the tank in question, dip in the probe and have an instant moisture and temperature reading in the palm of your hand. When in doubt, Quench Detective comes to the rescue, saving lives and property.




The WatchDogg will send you a text, call, and/or email whenever your sensors have breached your custom set points. This alarm can be sent to an unlimited amount of people and customized for each sensor.


With unlimited storage, all monitored points can be automatically logged and graphed every minute. These logs can then be downloaded in CSV or PDF formats for your records.

Real-Time Monitoring

Make sure your process is running smoothly by viewing all of your sensor data at once. For example, if you have multiple bag filters and monitoring their clean-side pressures, you can see which bags are getting full and plan ahead to change the bags.


Monitor any type of 4-20mA transmitter you like, including: pressure, temperature, vibration, level, flow, weight, viscosity, relative humidity, and more!

24 VDC

Onboard 24VDC power supply for up to 12 transmitters, keeping all of your wiring in one place.

NEMA 12 Enclosure

Electrical components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure to protect circuitry from dust, dirt and liquid splashing.