Remote Monitoring System

SBS WatchDogg

From anywhere in the world, the WatchDogg allows you to analyze your past and predict your future.

Remotely Monitor

The WatchDogg can help improve the performance of your processes by remotely monitoring a variety of sensors, such as: pressure, temperature, vibration, flow, relative humidity, and more. The only requirement is that your sensor transmits a 4-20mA signal loop, is Normally Open or Normally Closed, or a thermistor. The standard enclosure comes equipped with a power supply to accommodate (12) twelve 24V sensors. The signals are then transmitted from the WatchDogg to a cloud server.


The WatchDogg is a cloud-based system that requires either an Ethernet connection or can be used on a cellular network. Once the physical connections have been set and powered, the rest of the setup is completed on a web browser. Online, you are able to customize sensor conditions and alarms, set up an unlimited number of users to be alarmed or view sensor conditions, and view the past performance of each sensor on graphs and data sets that can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.



The WatchDogg will send you a text, call, and/or email whenever your sensors have breached your custom set points. This alarm can be sent to an unlimited amount of people and customized for each sensor.


With unlimited storage, all monitored points can be automatically logged and graphed every minute. These logs can then be downloaded in CSV or PDF formats for your records.

Real-Time Monitoring

Make sure your process is running smoothly by viewing all of your sensor data at once. For example, if you have multiple bag filters and monitoring their clean-side pressures, you can see which bags are getting full and plan ahead to change the bags.


Monitor any type of 4-20mA transmitter you like, including: pressure, temperature, vibration, level, flow, weight, viscosity, relative humidity, and more!

24 VDC

Onboard 24VDC power supply for up to 12 transmitters, keeping all of your wiring in one place.

NEMA 12 Enclosure

Electrical components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure to protect circuitry from dust, dirt and liquid splashing.