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Family-Owned and Proudly-Manufactured in the USA Since 1974

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Monitor Your Process Remotely with SBS WatchDogg

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Clean Cooling Tower Water for Less with Tower Scour Centrifugal Separators

Heat Treatment Solutions

About SBS

SBS Corporation is a United States based heat treatment solutions company in Sarasota, Florida, that has been providing the world with engineered products for fluid cooling, heating, filtering and controlling since 1974.

Here at SBS, we pride ourselves on our ability to both build great heat treatment equipment AND provide excellent service. We believe our job begins when we receive an order and only ends when you, the customer, are happy. Our engineers design and manufacture a variety of heat treatment equipment, including air-cooled heat exchangers, smart filtration systems, cloud-based monitoring systems, endothermic gas coolers, and supply spare pumps, parts, and motors. If you have any questions about our heat treatment solutions and custom services, never hesitate to call or email our team, as we are standing by to help.



What Our Customers Are Saying

...Finest system on the market, twenty-two years and still working ...air-cooled heat exchangers replaced our other maintenance intensive products...couldn’t be happier with the results ...we are treated like a large company and we get a quick response on parts we need or questions we might have. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Jim Jamrus, Manager of Maintenance & Facilities, Ingersoll-Products, Chicago, Illinois
First purchase 1979

"...So much of their equipment on the top of our building we could be an advertisement for SBS...always very quick and responsive on technical information and requests for any of our requirements..."

John Rex, President, Rex Heat Treat, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
First purchase 1985

"...Very dependable company...same core group of guys who know our company and our products...easy for us to work with them and our engineers at sorting out applications...always looking for the best products at the best price..."

Lori Lingle, Purchasing Manager, Surface Combustion, Maumee, Ohio
First purchase 1976

"SBS is the only company that we will let ship directly to our clients because we feel that comfortable with their service and quality of their products. We know we are getting exactly what we ordered...basic follow-up on their products is second to none."

Bob Williams, President, Williams Industrial, Bowling Green, Ohio
First purchase 1990

"Their equipment has always lived up to our expectations...high quality, low maintenance, reliable source, prompt deliveries, knowledgeable staff...very pleased with all of SBS’s products..."

Rick Sentowski, Purchasing Manager, Hi-Temp, Inc., Northlake, Illinois
First purchase 1977

"SBS has consistently given us the support we need, with fast proposals, quick deliveries, and quality products."

Brian Fitzpatrick, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Heat Exchange And Transfer, Inc., Carnegie, Pennsylvania
First purchase 1977

"Wonderful filter we've ever had"

Norm Graves, President, National Metal Processing, Richmond, Kentucky
First purchase 1979

"SBS is my preferred brand for multiple global applications. SBS provides very reliable, robust, and easily maintained systems. Unparalleled customer service and high-quality products sets SBS apart from all the rest."

Norm McDonald, Heat Treat Engineering Champion, Dana Incorporated
First purchase 1993