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Straight Shot Tubing

Straight through tubes with no u-bends means that you can clean out the entire tube length and see light at the other end of the tube for complete heat exchanger cleaning.

Eliminates Water

Water is an excellent heat transfer medium when cooling liquids to temperatures unattainable by air-cooled systems.  However, hot gas systems are, by nature, of extreme temperatures and not a good application for water-cooled systems.  Thermal shock, liming and plating-out in the heat exchangers are serious consequences. The dangers of the cooling water flashing to steam […]

The Sludgebuster Costs Less to Dispose…

…of accumulated debris because you dispose of only the debris and not expensive filter cartridges. Typically, a ten pound cartridge will only accumulate ten pounds of debris.

The Sludgebuster Costs Less to Maintain…

…because it contains only one moving part …the debris level sensor. With one moving part and no filter cartridges to replace, maintenance will be an expense of the past.

The Sludgebuster Costs Less to Install…

…because it will splice into most existing circulating systems. Virtually any system can run cleaner and more efficiently by simply adding a Sludgebuster after the circulating pump. The only power requirement is a 110-volt connection to the level indicator in the debris receptacle.

The “Filter-Free” Process

1. Dirty liquid, driven by the circulating pump, enters the separator’s tangential inlet and is directed into a spinning motion. 2. Spinning motion imparts centrifugal force on the solids entrained in the liquid. This centrifugal force throws the debris to the outside wall of the separator. 3. The friction of the flow rubbing against the […]

Better Products

Moisture can cause dramatic shifts in the cooling curve of oil, resulting in unwanted metallurgical variations.  The AQUA-SENSE system constantly monitors moisture levels, and will sound an alarm and give a visual signal when predetermined limits have been exceeded.  Early detection and correction before moisture alters the cooling curve of the oil can stop production […]

A Safer Workplace

An undetected leak in a water-cooled heat exchanger, bearing, top cool section or even a building roof may lead to the accumulation of water in a quench tank.  When hot steel hits water accumulated in the bottom of the tank, the water will turn to steam and drive the oil in the tank up into […]

Filter Bags

Smart Filter Disposable Filter Bags are available in a number of different materials depending on chemical and temperature requirements.  Many pore sizes are available:  1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 microns, depending on the make-up of the particulate.  Generally a 25-micron bag is suitable to remove carbon, soot and […]

0-Ring Seal

All Smart Filter bag canisters are sealed with Viton O-rings placed in a machined grove to prevent over torque.  O-rings made of EPDM will turn to mush in oil applications and Buna N seals have limited temperature capabilities.  SBS always uses Viton for all elastomeric applications.