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3-Lug Closure

The Smart filter canister uses 3 lugs for simple access and closure.  A screwdriver is the only tool required to change a bag filter.

Smart Filter Panel

The Smart Filter Control Panel provides the operator with easy on/off control for the circulating pump as well as visual and audible (horn) indication that bag filter needs to be replaced.  Electrical components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure to protect circuitry from dust, dirt and liquid splashing.

Finned Tubing

One inch diameter tubes (stainless or carbon steel) create four times the flow area of a commonly used 1/2″ tube.  The large flow area virtually eliminates the possibility of plugging.  Depending on the application, steel or aluminum fins are available. Our tubes are rated for temperatures up to 500ºF (260ºC)

Optional NEMA 3R Disconnect Switch

Wired using SEAL TITE conduit and fittings, the switch gives a positive electrical power lockout.  The weather-tight disconnect switch helps assure compliance with OSHA electrical lockout standards.

Convenient Threaded Plug

The easy-to-remove plug provides a viewing port to examine tube cleanliness.  The plug allows a quick visual check of the tubes without removing the manifolds of the unit.

Fin Guard

Mounted on top of the heat exchanger, the fin guard protects the delicate finned tubes from weather or operator damage.  The fin guards are bright zinc plated and sealed with di-chromate.

Flanged Inlets and Outlets

Inlets and outlets are available in standard 150# ANSI flanged connections (NPT optional) to match piping capabilities.

Quiet, Efficient Propeller Fans

Using minimal horsepower, propeller fans deliver the optimal quantity of air with quiet operation.  The direct drive fans eliminate sheave and belt maintenance.

Removable Tube Manifolds

Removable manifolds on both ends give complete visual and mechanical access to tube interiors.  The absence of tube “U-bends” makes cleaning easy.

Saves Money

Water and sewage costs have been on an upward spiral throughout the last two decades, with no relief in sight.  Virtually all areas of the U.S. can expect even larger increases in the future with sewer charges outracing water costs.  By eliminating the use of water, an End-O-Therm atmosphere generator cooler can pay for itself […]

Simplifies Piping

End-O-Therm uses air instead of water as a cooling medium.  The only piping required is a short run from the generator to the cooler and another short run to the furnace.  All the water pipes, valves and subsequent water-cooling systems are eliminated.  Gas piping is simplified by mounting the End-O-Therm directly on the side of […]